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the Rebel Killer


Deaths:   11       Attempts:   0
1) Robert Colvert / 21 / December 1,1957 / shot point blank
2) Velda Bartlett / 36 / January 21,1958 / severe head trauma from rifle butt
3) Betty Jean Bartlett / 2 / January 21,1958 / knife wound to throat
4) Marion Bartlett / 57 / January 21,1958 / severe knife wound to head
5) August Meyer / 72 / January 27,1958 / shot in head
6) Robert Jensen / 17 / January 28,1958 / shot point blank
7) Carol King / 16 / January 28,1958 / shot in head
8) Clara Ward / 46 / February 8,1958 / numerous stab wounds to neck and chest
9) C.Lauer Ward / 48 / February 8,1958 / shot in unknown place
10) Lillian Fencl / 51 / February 8,1958 / stabbed numerous times in various places
11) Merle Collison / 37 / February 9,1958 / shot in head


A) held an extreme angst towards parents,thus using Starkweather to rid of them and not realizing(due to age) the realities of death,afterwards suffered from severe apathy


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Full Name: Caril Ann Fugate/Bartlett
Alias(s): the Rebel Killer
Birthdate/Birthplace: 1944 (?)
Died:Still Alive - paroled in 1976,last seen in Michigan

Spotlighted : December 2005
While Starkweather was trying to figure out how to release the emergency brake on a car that he and Fugate had just stolen,a man approached them and asked if they needed help,but Starkweather pulled a gun on him.While the two men struggled,Fugate spotted a police car (which held Deputy Sheriff,William Romer) that stopped when the struggle had been noticied.She fled from the car and yelled to Romer that Starkweather had killed a man.Officers fled after Starkweather while Fugate stayed behind and was held in custody.
-both were only charged with the murder of Jensen,due to prosecutor Elmer Scheele,who believed there was only enough physical evidence to prove they commited that one,than the other murders-
Fugate claimed she was a hostage,but she was still charged with murder,as well as robbery.She went to trial on October 27,1958 where Starkweather testified against her,stating that Fugate was responsible for several of the murders and all the mutilations.On November 28th,after ten hours of deliberations,Fugate was found guilty of all charges.Since Fugate was only 14-years-old,she could not be sentenced to death,instead she was sentenced to life in prison with the chance of parole.While serving her time in Nebraska's Prison for Women in York,she recieved her high school diploma,then in 1973,her first time she was given the chance of parole-she was denied,but yet had her life sentence turned over to 30 to 50 years(stated because of her age at the time of the murders);she was given another chance at parole in 1976.On June 20,1976,Fugate was paroled.In 1981,she was officially released from probation and was last seen in St.John's,Michigan as a nurses' aid.