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Fugate & Starkweather Facts

Starkweather's idol was actor James Dean
The author of the book "Outside Valentine" (about Starkweather & Fugate) is actually the victims' Wards' granddaughter
Collison was a shoe salesman
Victim Meyer,was actually a friend of Starkweather's
Starkweather loaded and unloaded trucks at Western Newspaper Union Warehouse,then became a garbage man after dropping out of high school(which,while being a garbage man,part of his work route included the home of victims' Clara & C.Ward,as well as Fencl)
Starkweather was,so far,the last person to be executed in Nebraska

Starkweather's father,Guy,was a carpenter,and Starkweather's mother,Helen,was a waitress
Victim Fencl was the victims Wards' maid
Victim,Lauer Ward,was the president of Capital Steel Works,and was one of Lincoln,Nebraska's richest citizens
Starkweather attended elementary school at Saratoga Elementary in Lincoln,Nebraska

After the murder of Fugate's family members,both Fugate and Starkweather stayed at her house(the bodies were concealed in and outside the home),they posted a sign on the door stating 'Stay A Way(sic).Every Body is Sick With the Flu.' Until leaving six days later.
Among the guns Starkweather carried along with them,was a .410 gauge shotgun
Starkweather was stated to have been bowlegged

Random Fact

During the final car chase between Starkweather and police,the chase exceeded well over 100mphs