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Deaths:   12 +      Attempts:   1 +
1) Jeannot Roussin / 9 / 1432 / ?
2) Alexandre Chastelier / 8 / 1432 / ?
3) ? Jeudon / 12 / 1432 / ?
4) ? Hedelin / ? / 1433 / ?
5) ? Serving / 9 / June 16,1438 / ?
6) Jean Degrepie / 12 / June 24,1438 / ?
7) Jean Hubert / 14 / June 26,1438 / ?
8) ? Fougere / 12 / August ?,1438 / ?
9) ? Loessard / 10 / September ?,1438 / ?
10) Jean Bernard / 12 / September ?,1438 / ?
11) Perrot Dagaye / 10 / October ?,1438 / ?
12) ? Pavot / 9 / 1439 / ?


A) suffered from extreme bouts of sado-maschism mixed with severe narcissium
B) morbid desires brought on by P.T.S.S.(post-traumatic-stress-syndrome)
C) suffered from the illusion that demons existed,thus killing children as sacrifices in order to gain wealth from the demons to sustain his land from the Duke of Brittany


(Rias' last words before being executed)
" You who are present--you,above all,whose children I have slain--I am your brother in Christ.By Our Lord's Passion,I implore you,pray for me.Forgive me with all your hearts the evil I have done you,as you yourselves hope for God's mercy and pardon. "
(Rias explaining his motive for the murders)
" It came to me from myself--no doubt at the instigation of the devil;but still these acts of cruelty afforded me incomparabale delight.The desire to commit these atrocities came upon me eight years ago.I left court to go to Chantonce,that I might claim the property of my grandfather,deceased.In the library of the castle I found a Latin book--Suetoniue,I believe--full of accounts of the cruelties of the Roman Emperors.I read the charming history of Tiberius,Carcalla,and other Caesars,and the pleasure they took in watching the agonies of tortured children.Thereupon I resolved to imitate and surpass these same Caesars,and that very night I began to do so. "
(a letter Rias wrote to his cousin,whom was a Duke,before his death sentence)
" Monsieur My Cousin And Honoured Sire,
It is quite true that I am perhaps the most detestable of all sinners,having sinned horribly again and again,yet have I never failed in my religious duties.I have heard many masses,vespers,have fasted in Lent and on vigils,have confessed my sins,deploring them heartily,and have recieved the blood of our Lord at least once in the year.Since I have been languishing in prison,awaiting your honoured justice,I have been overwhelmed with incomparable repentance for my crimes,which I am ready to acknowledge and to expiate as is suitable.Wherefore I supplicate you,M. my cousin,to give me license to retire into a monastery,and there to lead a good exemplary life.I care not into what monastery I am sent,but I intend that all my goods,should be distributed among the poor,who are the members of Jesus Christ on earth...awaiting your glorious clemency,on which I rely,I pray God our Lord to protect you and your kingdom.
He who addresses you is in all earthly humility,
Fraiar Gilles
Carmelite in intention "


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Full Name: Gilles de Rais
Alias(s): Bluebeard
Birthdate/Birthplace: 1404 (Machecoul,France)
Died:October 26,1440-death sentence carried out by hanging

Spotlighted : March 2006
On May 15,1440-Rais had no money,he lost his home to an arch enemy(the Duke of Brittany),and so in a last attempt,Rais and his co-conspiritors broke into the St.Etienne de Mermora church during High Mass,and kidnapped a priest(Jean le Ferron);this priest,Rais knew,was the brother of the treasurer serving under the Duke of Brittany.Rais held the priest hostage,and demanded that the Duke of Brittany relinquish his hold over Rais' property in return for the priest.The Duke of Brittany formed an alliance with the Bishop of Nantes and the Chancellor of Brittany(Jean de Malestroit-who had reported to seeing Rais disposing of children's bodies beforehand).Malstroit and the Bishop of Nantes started to gather information about Rais' murders,and on July 29,1440-they went public with what Malestroit had seen and told several commoners who lived under the ruling of Rais.Rais learned soonafter that nearly everyone knew of the murders he had commited,so he and a friend(Roger de Briqueville)took money that they had stashed away,and fled,leaving the priest behind.Less than a month later,the Constable of France found Rias;the Constable and troops held Rais and Briqueville inside a castle in Machecoul for a month,until the Constable finally recieved permission to arrest Rais on August 24,1440.
Rais and Briqueville were brought back to Nantes where Rais was charged with 34 counts of murder,sodomy,heresy,violating the immunity of the church,kidnapping and robbing on September 13,1440.Rias hadn't confessed to any of the charges-all stemmed from interviews held with parents & relatives of missing children,and co-conspiritors of Rais'.Rais refused to confess,so on October 21,1440-he was tortured in various ways;on that same day,he confessed to all counts.Rais was sentenced to death on October 23,1440,but he was also excommunicated from the church.Rais pleaded not for his life,but that he was extremely remorseful and that should allow him to be let back into the church.On October 26,1440-he was reinstated with church,but also executed the same day by way of gallows in Nantes at the meadow of Biesse.Rais' body was placed inside Our Lady of Carmel Catholic church in Nantes,but during the French Revolution,the church was destroyed as were his remains.Till this day,scholars debate that Rais was tortured into confessing and did not commit any of the murders,since during the 1400s,everything was based on politics and the Duke of Brittany wanted Rais' land.