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Rais Facts

It has been stated that Rais was a necrophiliac
Rais was introduced to black magic/alchemy by a priest named Francisco Prelati,whom stated he could help Rais gain wealth and power through a demon he could "summon" named Baron
Rais left the Royal Army in 1435
Among Rais' accomplicies were three men:Gilles de Sille(Rais' cousin);Roger de Briqueville;and Petit Robin-they were not tried for the murders
Rais was married on November 20,1420 to a woman named Catherine de Thouars--after the fact she was kidnapped by Rais--it was rumored that the reason Rais had kidnapped wasn't for marriage,but to anger Jean V(the Duke of Brittany,whom was Rais' arch enemy),and Thouars was Jean's lover at the time.Rais and Thouars had a daughter together at the end of 1429,Marie
Rais was not only convicted by a secular court but also by the ecclesiastical court(a court that dealt with trials that had anything to do with either/or the Devil and witchcraft)
The majority of scholars who write about Rais focus on his homosexuality;this notion makes many forget that some of his victims were young girls
Rais is the influence of the same-named character in the video game "Castlevania"
In all,it's believed Rais murdered at least 140 children

One of Rais' passions in life was music
Rais was born inside the infamous 'Black Tower'
Poitou,one of Rais' accomplicies,was actually close to being one of Rais' victims,but after Rais raped him,Rais decided to let him live(supposably because Rais found Poitou to be extremely handsome)
Two of Rais' accomplicies-Poitou & Henriet Griard-were both executed the same day and same way as Rais was
While Rais was being led out to his execution,he was noted to had been singing "De Profundis" very loudly
As a child,Rais learned to read and recite both Greek and Latin
Rais had a brother-Rene
Rais started out in the Royal Army as a soldier but soon rose to the rank of Marshal
After most of the victims' deaths,Rais would have their bodies cremated,which were then usually dumped in a moat or cesspool

Rais fought during the "One-Hundered-Years War" alongside Joan Of Arc at the siege of Orleans and Patay
Poitou's name was actually Etiene Corillaut;he didn't become an accomplice until around 1437
Both of Rais' parents died on September 28,1415,which is when Rais was sent to be raised by his grandfather (Jean de Craon),who died in 1432
After Rais' execution,49 human skulls were found in his grandfather's castle (La Suze sur Sarthe castle)
Due to the century the murders took place,it's hard to tell who died how but,according to Rais' confession,his victims were either killed by decapitation,throat slitting,dismemberment,disembowelment,skulls crushed with a heavy object or their necks being broken with a cudgel(a cudgel is a very heavy,double-edged sword)
It's stated that Rais rarely was the one whom kidnapped his victims but he instead sent out his accomplicies to do so---most notable his cousin,Gilles de Sille
Rais was a French Aristocrat of the Rais & d'Craon families

Random Fact

Not all the victims were murdered in the same place.The three places where Rais' murders took place were in Nantes,Tiffauges and Marchecoul