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the Madonna of Euthanasia


Due to legal reasons in France,they do not allow the names of victims in murders to be disclosed to the public.


A) severe isolation mixed with manic depression thus due to profession caused a morbid fascination with both death and disease


(from Malevre's book "Mes Aveux",explaining why so wrote the book so quickly after being accused of the murders[note:translated from French])
" I had crossed an invisible border,and I had crossed it in silence,in a total loneliness,since it is prohibited.I had helped a human being to die,because it had asked it to me.Courage or weakness of my share?Who were I,I,small graduate nurse,to dare to hold the hand D this dying,and to shorten his suffering?I was that with which dying it had made promise.I was this who looked at death arriving of the same glance that,and accompanied his anguish to him.Vis-a-vis dead there are only two attitudes.To flee by listening to the fear,his and that of the other.Or to face.I had chosen to face I must today explain me.This book is not a plea for the euthanasy.It recalls with simple words the daily newspaper of a hospital,the terrible relation,the face-to-face discussion which is established between a nurse and one dying.It tells how a model nurse,one day,made the decision incredibly difficult to hold the made promise with patients.The force of this account will not leave anybody intact. "


Mes Aveux by Christine Malevre (1999)
Crimes de Femmes:25 Histoires Vraies by Anne-Sophie Martin & Brigitte Vital-Durand (2004)

Full Name: Christine Malevre
Alias(s): the Madonna of Euthanasia
Birthdate/Birthplace: January 10,1970 (?)
Died:Still Alive

Spotlighted : November 2005
On July 25,1998,after a failed attempt at killing herself,Malevre suddenly began to confess to killing more than 30 patients at their discretion at Francois Quesnay Hospital in Mantes-la-Jolie in Versailles.
When questioned by police,Malevre recanted her statement,stating she did not kill 30 patients,but only four.Malevre went to court on January 20,2003 in Versailles where she stated she was only doing as the patients had asked.On October 15,after only 17 hours of deliberations,Malevre was found guilty and was sentenced to 12 years in prison,she was,as well,ordered to pay 92,910 euros to the victims' families.Soon after the trial,Malevre claimed that she lied and didn't kill anyone.She is currently filing appeals from Rennes prison.