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Malevre Facts

Malevre insisted that after "her" patients died,that she would be the one to dress them,when this task is actually assigned to nurses' aids,not the nurses themselves
Malevre worked in the neurology-pneumology department of Mantes-la-Jolie hospital
Malevre had practiced in becoming a professional nurse by taking up an internship in Africa

Malevre was originally charged with seven murders,but three were dropped due to lack of evidence
It's been stated that the reason Malevre confessed to such a large quantity of victims in the beginning,was because she was under the influence of neuroleptic drugs
When Malevre is released from prison,she is banned from practicing nursing,and anything that has to do with the health care profession

Random Fact

It's been stated that the patients Malevre was convicted of murdering were either in the advanced stages of cancer and/or were in a coma,and all between the ages of 72 & 88