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Lee Facts

During the course of the murders,it was believed the murderer was a police officers,so among the 600+ whom were swabbed,police officers were among them
There was an FBI criminal profile released just months before Lee's arrest,that stated the murderer was more than likely a white male
After Kinamore's murder,her family members posted a $75,000 reward for the capture of the murderer,but soon after,it was matched by the police department with a reward for $100,000
Lee worked as a mixing truck driver for a construction company,as well as a pipefitter
Colomb spent 2 years in the Army,and was murdered on the day of her mother's seventh-year anniversary of her own death(due to breast cancer)
During Lee's second trial(for Pace's murder),a courtroom sketch artist(Louis Graff)was caught with a .25-caliber pistol inside his art supplies when he tried to walk into the courtroom.It was never stated why he had the gun.
Some of the many offenses Lee had been arrested and incarcerated for,before the murders,included:stalking,flight from an officer,aggravated battery,peeping tom charges,attempted murder,attempted rape,burglary,trespassing,criminal damage to property,criminal neglect of family,and disturbing the peace
Among those in the task force that was formed after Kinamore's murder included:the FBI,the Baton Rouge Police Department,the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office,the Louisiana State Police,the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office,and the Iberville Parish Sheriff's Office.Due to so many offices/branches helping with the case,alot of information wasn't shared for numerous reasons,so because of this,there has since then been a task force for all serial murder cases created,called the Multi-Agency Homicide Task Force-this is mostly so there is a clearer line of communication between the bureaus

Kinamore's body was found by a State survey crew working in that area
Green was a nurse
Washington-Area snipers,John Muhammad and John Malvo were suspected of being the murderers,due to they were present in Baton Rouge at the time of the murders,but were cleared after DNA tests
Colomb's body was found near her mother's grave,while Yoder's body was found only yards from where Kinamore's body was found
There are people whom believe that Pace and Green were murdered by serial killer Sean Gillis,whom was murdering around the same area at the same time as Lee
Yoder was attending LSU for Biology

Pace lived three doors down from Green
While Lee was in High School(West Feliciana High School),he was placed in special-ed classes due to a reading problem,but he was also part of the school band as a drummer
Kinamore was an antiques dealer
There was a chance Lee could have been caught after the first murder:Louisiana lawmakers had tried to pass a law in 1997 in order to make a DNA bank(this is where if you are convicted of a crime,you MUST submit DNA no matter the charge),but it was suspended due to lawmakers believeing the State could not afford if the law had been passed in 1997,Lee would had to have given his DNA sample in 1999 due to a stalking conviction,luckily,since this case,the FBI has funded Louisiana for the DNA bank
Lee is suspected of other murders,including Connie Warner in 1992 & Randi Mebruer in 1998 as well as several prostitute murders that took place in 1993
One of the jury members on Lee's final trial(the murder of Pace)had to be replaced at the last second,when it was found out that he (Brad Winters)was the teacher of Kinamore's son

Random Fact

Lee is married with two children (boy,Derrick,Jr.-14 & girl,Doris-8)