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the Baton Rouge Killer


Deaths:   6+       Attempts:   5+
1) Gina Wilson Green / 41 / September 24,2001 / strangled
2) Charlotte Murray Pace / 22 / May 31,2002 / stabbed in various places 81 times
3) Pamela Kinamore / 44 / July 12,2002 / throat slit
4) Trineisha Dene Colomb / 23 / November ?,2002 / severe contusion to the head
5) Geralyn DeSoto / 21 / January 14,2003 / throat slit
6) Carrie Lynn Yoder / 26 / March ?,2003 / strangled


A) suffered from a sado-maschist disorder mixed with severe narcissium
B) held a strong dependency on women (sexually)


On The Record With Greta Van Susteren:The Hunt For A Serial Killer In Louisiana (2002)
ABC's Primetime:Bodies Of Evidence (2003)
Red Stick By The Numbers:The Baton Rouge Serial Murders by John Philpin

Full Name: Derrick Todd Lee
Alias(s): the Baton Rouge Killer,Anthony
Birthdate/Birthplace: November 5,1968 (St.Francisville,Louisiana)
Died:Still Alive

Spotlighted : September 2005
After Kinamore's death,investigators saw a comparison between two deaths of two other women around the same area(Green & Pace),and so,with the comparisons they sent DNA found from the three victims-which came back revealing that the three women had been murdered by the same man.In December 2002,the task force that had been put together for the murders swabbed over 600+ potential suspects for DNA.After Yoder's murder,the same DNA found on the women before was found on her as well.On May 23,2003-three women came forward speaking of a black man whom tried to kill them in 2002 around the same areas where these murders had taken place;with these statements,a composite was made of the man,and given out to the public.Detectives then decided to go back through the 600+ swabbings they had obtained,where they came across a man named Derrick Todd Lee,whom eeriely matched the composite.They quickly sent his DNA to the lab where the results came back positive for the previous women.On May 26,2003-a warrant was issued for the arrest of Lee,but Detectives found out that the day Lee had given his DNA sample-he,his wife,and two children fled the State.The next day,investigators and FBI Agents tracked Lee down in Atlanta,Georgia-where he was arrested in front of a tire store.
Lee was given the choice to have a trial in Georgie,but he refused and was extradited back to Louisiana,where on September 24,2003-Lee was charged with various counts of first degree murder,aggravated rape,second degree kidnapping,and aggravated burglary.Then,on October 1,2003-another charge was added:the attempted murder and rape of a Breaux Bridge woman.To all charges,Lee pleaded not guilty,by reason of mental retardation.Lee's first trial was suppose to start on May 31,2004,but it was delayed so that a new law that allows prosecutors to use evidence from other crimes that are linked to the one at hand,could be brought into play.The first trial started on August 5,2004.Two surviving victims of Lee's,and DeSoto's husband,all testified against him during the trial.Lee's prison record,as well,was shown in court stating at least nine offenses dating back to 1984.The prosecutors used this due to the fact that almost all the offenses were against women.On August 8,2004-Lee was found guilty in the murder of DeSoto,shortly after-Lee was sentenced to life in prison by the Judge(Robin Free)without the chance/possibility of parole,or even his sentence being shortened.Directly after this trial,Lee went to trial for the murder of Pace,where he pleaded the same.During this trial,in October,the Breaux Bridge woman whom was nearly raped and murdered by Lee,testified against him.The Defense did not call on a single witness during this trial.On October 13,2004-Lee was found guilty ,and the very next day,after 93 minutes of deliberations,he was sentenced to death.