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the Chameleon Killer


Deaths:   5       Attempts:   0
1) Jeffrey Trail / 28 / April 29,1997 / claw hammer to head
2) David Madson / 33 / May 2,1997 / shot 3 times in unknown places
3) Lee Miglin / 72 / May 3,1997 / ran over by car
4) William Reese / 45 / May 9,1997 / shot point-blank
5) Gianni Versace / 50 / July 15,1997 / shot 2 times point-blank


A) over drug use causing an illusion between right and wrong
B) mental anguish from childhood problems mixed with extreme bouts of narcissium caused apathy towards human beings in general
C) suffered from "social climber disease"


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Full Name: Andrew Phillip Cunanan
Alias(s): the Chameleon Killer,Andrew DaSilva,David Morales,Drew Cummings
Birthdate/Birthplace: August 31,1969 (San Diego,California)
Died:July 23,1997-a fatal self-inflicted gunshot

Spotlighted : April 2005
After Trail's death,Madson had failed to report in for work and the landlord forced his way into the apartment,where Trail's body was found.Police were called in,where they found an answering machine message from a man named Andrew Cunanan.In the message,he was agreeing to come and talk about problems with Trail.Cunanan's backpack was found in the apartment,and Madson-along with his Jeep,were missing.At Miglin's murder scene,officials found Madson's Jeep only a few blocks away,and that Miglin's Lexus was now missing,as well as some gold coins that were inside Miglin's home.Not soon after,Madson's body was found.FBI was brought in and they issued a warrant for Cunanan's arrest,passing out fliers with several different looks Cunanan takes on and an APB was placed out for Miglin's Lexus.At Reese's murder scene,police found Miglin's Lexus,and that Reese's red pickup truck was now missing.After Versace's murder,police found a form that had been sent to the Station from Beach Pawn Shop,where Cunanan had pawned one of the gold coins stolen from Miglin's home-along with Cunanan's full name and current address-the Normandy Plaza Hotel.A SWAT team was sent into the hotel,but they raided the wrong room-soon after they found the right room,but Cunanan was gone,only leaving a few items behind in the room.On July 23,1997-police recieved a phone call from a caretaker(Fernando Carreira)at Indian Creek Canal,where he told police Cunanan had locked himself inside one of the private houseboats there.Police spent three hours trying to negotiate with Cunanan,but he gave no answer.FBI stormed onto the houseboat and found Cunanan dead by a self-inflicted gunshot wound.
Due-to Cunanan commiting suicide,the real motive will never be devulged,and writers along with psychologist can only guess why Cunanan did what he did,most believed it was because Cunanan was infected with the HIV virus and Trail was the one whom infected him-but this was proven wrong after a blood test was conducted on Cunanan confirming he did not have HIV.The only person whom truly knows the motive is Andrew Cunanan.