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Cunanan Facts

Miglin was a real estate tycoon,whom was rumored to have once been Cunanan's sugar-daddy
When Reese's red pickup truck was found after Versace's murder,there reciepts and ticket stubbs that had noted that Cunanan had gone to New York after Reese's murder-among the three ticket stubbs,two were for films-"Liar Liar"and "The Devil's Own"
After Cunanan had stolen Reese's red pickup truck,he went through North Carolina,where he stole an N.C. license plate for the truck
You'd be surprised how many people don't know this,but Cunanan's fifth victim,Versace,is a famous Italian fashion designer
Trail's face was so badly beaten in that even though his ID was on him when his body was found,authorities couldn't identify him-but,he was identified because of a tattoo of Marvin the Martian he had on his ankle
The biggest debate in this case is whether or not Cunanan knew Versace,some say no,some say yes-the most heard rumor I know of is of Cunanan meeting Versace back in 1990 in San Francisco-where Versace was designing clothing for the play "Capirrico"
During his murder spree,Cunanan was shown on America's Most Wanted four times

Reese was a Civil War buff,whom was also the caretaker of Finn's Point Cemetary
Madson was an architect
Cunanan was stated to have been an avid fan of Quentin Taratino films,espically "Pulp Fiction"
Trail was in the Navy
According to the book -"Gianni Versace - Fashion's Last Emperor " ; Versace was killed by the Mob because he would not allow them to get in on his fashion business,and that Cunanan was also killed by the Mob to cover up for Versace's murder since Cunanan was already wanted for four murders
Cunanan's father was in the Navy,than became a stock broker

Cunanan is the youngest of four (2 sisters & 1 brother)
The infamous houseboat in which Cunanan commited suicide,sank to the bottom of Indian Creek a few years ago-and there was even a yardsale held for stuff from inside the houseboat
Cunanan attended the University of California,where he majored in History,but dropped out in 1988
It's been said that Trail and Madson were past lovers of Cunanan's
In 1988,Cunanan's father fled the United States after he was accused of scamming people out of their money-leaving Cunanan and his family behind;Cunanan did,however,go and join him after a couple of months,but ended up returning to the States because of not being able to cope with the living conditions his father was putting up with
It's been said that after Versace's murder,Cunanan started to dress like a woman so as not to be detected
In High School,Cunanan was voted as "Most Likely To Be Remembered"
Cunanan is the first person from San Diego to be on the F.B.I.'s Most Wanted list
Cunanan attended prep school (Bishops High School)

Random Fact

When Cunanan was found after his suicide,he was only wearing his boxer shorts.