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Devi Facts

Devi is one of 6 children
While police were searching for Devi after the Behmai massacre,Devi dressed in three different disguises and even walked through crowds of police officers
Devi was 4'10"
At the spot where Devi was shot and killed,there has been a statue of Buddha placed there
The film based on Devi's life ("Bandit Queen") was banned from India due-to it's excessive nudity and explicit rape scenes,but in the United States,the film was considered for an Academy Award
Before Devi became the leader of her own gang,she ran with a smaller gang and participated in small petty thefts
Devi was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize,due-to her contributions in the India Parliment
After Devi's final arrest,India toy makers made a doll after her,in which the doll had bullets strapped across her chest and a red bandana(which was what Devi wore)-the toy was one of India's best sellers
The day of the Behmai massacre,Devi and her gang entered the town dressed as police officers
The first time Devi ever went to prison was in 1979,when she was fighting with her cousin(Maiyadin) over her father's land;her cousin had her arrested,stating she had burglarised his home.She spent one month in prison where she was brutally raped and beaten by guards.

Devi,even up until the day she died,denied ever killing anyone at Behmai
The massacre at Behmai is the largest one India has ever had to deal with (sending out over 2,000 police officers and helicopters to find Devi)
Devi was cremated
Among the things Devi accomplished as being a part of India's Parliment,she put an end to using child labour in the manufacturing of carpets in India
It's rumored that after the Behmai massacre,she took the dismembered pieces of the men and gave them to the women whom could not afford food
After Devi was released from prison,she stated a group called Eklavya Sena-a group dedicated to teaching lower-caste men and women self defense
Devi's favorite past time was swimming
The Behmai massacre took place on Valentine's Day and is known as India's Valentine's Day Massacre
Many people throughout India believed that Devi was the Indian Goddess Durga reincarnated (Durga is the Goddess of power and strength)

When Devi was 11 years old,she was forced into marriage to a man whom was 41 years old-in exchange for a cow and a bicycle to Devi's family
In 1995,Devi converted to Buddism
Devi was against the making of the film "Bandit Queen".She even took the makers of the film to court,but she settled outside of court where the deal became 40,000pds to make the film-the film makers agreed
When Devi was taken prisoner by the Ram brothers,she was tortured for 23 days straight,until she escaped
When Devi and her gang surrendered,they refused to surrender to the U.P. police,but instead to the Madhya Pradesh Police(whom are religious police,working under the name of God)
Devi was illiterate
Devi's birthplace is so small of a town that it isn't even on the map of India
After the Behmai massacre,there was a bounty placed on Devi's head for $10,400
It was Devi's self-admitted true love,Vickram,whom showed Devi how to fight and shoot a rifle

Random Fact

Phoolan Devi in Indian means Flower Goddess