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the Queen of the Dacoits


Deaths:  22+      Attempts:   0


A) vengence of a death,but built upon years of angst towards men of India due-to the torture and discrimination of herself and other women in India


(Devi,on what Ram's torture tactics were after kidnapping her)
" I was paraded in front of the villagers.Each time,Sri Ram called me a mallah whore.He said I was the one who killed Vikram and,hurling me to the ground,told the villagers to use me as they pleased. "
(Devi,on what she did to one man whom tortured women and raped young boys)
" His serpent [penis] first,then his hands,then his feet...I cut them off. "
(Devi,explaining that she doesn't hate all men)
" I took revenge against torture and injustice,not against men.I do not hate men,but I'm still enraged when women come to me and say they had been raped and the police will not do anything against these men. "
(Devi,explaining that she wasn't a criminal/monster for the murders she commited)
" I was a simple girl from a low-caste family who was married off at 11 years of age.But when society put me up against the wall,I reacted.I am a human being. "
(Devi,on what she did when she heard of any torture from rape to forced abortions being done to women)
" Whenever I heard of it,I crushed the serpent [penis] they used to torture women.I dismembered them. "


Devi:The Bandit Queen by Richard Shears & Isobelle Gidley (1984)
India's Bandit Queen:The True Story Of Phoolan Devi by Mala Sen (1991)
Bandit Queen starring Sunita Bhatt & Seema Biswas (1994)
I,Phoolan Devi by Phoolan Devi,Marie-Therese Cuny,& Paul Rambali (1996)
The Queen Of The Hindu Bandits by Phoolan Devi (1996)
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India Today:Bloody Finale (2001)
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Phoolan:The First Rebel [in production]
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Full Name: Phoolan Devi
Alias(s): the Queen of the Dacoits;the female Robin Hood
Birthdate/Birthplace: August 10,1963 (Gorha Ka Purwa in Uttar Pradesh,India)
Died:July 25,2001-shot outside her home

Spotlighted : March 2005
Authorities,after learning of Devi's massacre in Behmai of 22+ men,they took Devi's parents hostage.It took nearly a year of negotiations for Devi to surrender,but authorities had to agree to her demands:
1.She and her gang would not tried in Uttar Pradesh(which is where Behmai is located)
2.She and her gang would be tried for all the murders in one trial
3.She and her gang would not be handcuffed at the surrender
4.If she and her gang were to be convicted of the murders,they would not be hanged
5.She and her gang,if convicted,would not spend more then 8 years in prison
6.If they were to go to prison,the prison would be 'A-Class'
7.Portraits of Durga and Ghandi would be displayed at their surrender
8.Authorities would have to force her cousin to return the land he had taken from her father
9.Her parents would be placed on government-funded land
10.Her younger brother would be given a job in India's Parliment
Authorities agreed to the demands,and Devi surrendered-along with her gang-on February 12,1983
Authorities did not hold up their end of the deal;Devi and her gang went to prison for 11 years,without ever going to trial.While Devi was incarcerated,she recieved a letter from Ram's brother(Lala Ram),where he stated he had killed Sri over a dispute of a woman.(Most believe it was Sri whom caused the wrath upon Behmai).Not too long afterwards,a politican from the United States took up Devi's case and she was released from prison on February 18,1994.After Devi was released,she ran for office in India's Parliment-vowing to be a speaker of women's rights and lower class rights.In May of 1996,she won the election,but on July 25,2001-three "assassins" shot and killed Devi outside her home.The leader of the men,Sher Singh Rana,stated that her murder was vegence for the massacre of Behmai,but most believe that Rana was connected with Devi's husband and was hired by him due-to Devi threatening to take him out of her will.