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Bundy Facts

Bundy outlived the Judge(Edward Cowart),whom sentenced him to death
Bundy graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School in 1965
It's been stated that in October of 1982,Bundy's wife(Boone) gave birth to they're child-a daughter
Before Bundy attended the University of Washington,he attended the University of Puget Sound-where he took courses in psychology and Asian studies
Until 1968,Bundy hadn't known that his "sister" was actually his mother
Bundy worked for a suicide hotline
Sometimes,Bundy would wear a fake moustache when looking for victims
Bundy spent most of teen years babysitting his younger siblings
It's actually believed(but not proven),that Bundy commited his first murder when he was 14-an 8 year old girl named Anne Marie Burr,but her body till this day has never been found
Smith was the daughter of a Utah Police Chief
Bundy claimed to have been addicted to porn since he was 13
Even after Bundy's first escape-he was allowed back into the courthouse library,but this time he had to wear handcuffs and leg irons at all times
In 1984,Detectives working the Bundy case accidentally lost the remains of two victims(Naslund & Ott),in return for this-they were ordered to pay the families $224,000 each
Bundy,once,actually chased a mugger several blocks and made a citizen's arrest
It has been rumored that the first few months of Bundy's life was spent in an orphanage

Before the murders,Bundy wrote an anti-rape manual for women in college
Bundy was actually commended as a hero when he saved a 3 year old boy from drowning
Bundy first attended college for Law
On Bundy's last escape,he stayed at a Holiday Inn which he paid with,with a stolen credit card
It's been rumored that Bundy had a foot fetish
There is a college urban legend at the University of Puget Sound,stating that Bundy buried his first victim under the University's fountain
Bundy was stated to have been a very outspoken Republican
While attending the University of Puget Sound,Bundy worked as a busboy and a shoe clerk-it's rumored that he stole from both places of work
Bundy worked for a political campaign for the Republican Party
Elizabeth Kendall is not the actual name of Bundy's girlfriend,during the murders,she had it changed for her sake
Bundy claimed to have been drunk during most of the murders
Bundy kept some of the heads of his victims in his home
Bundy has four siblings
Till this day,three victims Bundy claimed to have murdered,have not been indentified
While in College,Bundy was part of the Seattle Crime Prevention Council
While Bundy was on Death Row-he recieved numerous letters from women asking him to marry them

It's been stated that Bundy was comtemplating suicide just a few days before his execution
Bundy's first escape,jumping from the open window of the courthouse library-he sprained his ankle on the fall(he was also wearing several layers of clothing)
There were times when Bundy pretended to be a police officer-when he did he went by Officer Roseland
Healy was majoring in psychology at the time of her murder
It's been stated that Bundy was very hotheaded in high school,that he would go off at the smallest of things(he was also stated to have been painfully shy)
From a young age,Bundy had a fascination with knives
Before Bundy became a suspect-he actually volunteered to look for the missing women,whom were in reality-his victims
At Healy's crime scene-no fingerprints/hair fibers/blood samples/semen samples were collected because authorities believed that she had been killed by a close friend
In all,Bundy had two stays of execution
When Bundy was a child,he was part of the Boyscouts
Bundy was a paperboy when he was 14
When Rancourt disappeared,she was on her way to see a German film
While on Death Row-Bundy and another inmate tried to escape,but due to a surprise inspection,the guards realized that Bundy was trying to saw through his cell bars
Bundy was a self-proclaimed Mormon before he converted to Christian
Bundy had a correspondence with two fellow serial killers while he was on Death Row: David Berkowitz & John Hinckley

Random Fact

Before Bundy took the last name Bundy,he was Cowell and then Nelson-Nelson,because Bundy's mother was trying to pass as a widow/divorcee,and changed they're last names to Nelson,but ended up with Bundy in the end.