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the Lady Killer


Deaths:   12+       Attempts:   2+
1) Lynda Ann Healy / 21 / February 1,1974 / severe head contusions
2) Susan Rancourt / 18 / April 17,1974 / severe head contusions
3) Brenda Ball / 22 / June 1,1974 / severe head contusions
4) Janice Ott / 23 / July 14,1974 / ?
5) Denise Naslund / 19 / July 14,1974 / ?
6) Melissa Smith / 17 / October 18,1974 / strangled
7) Laura Aime / 17 / October 30,1974 / severe head contusions
8) Debby Kent / ? / November 8,1974 / ?
9) Caryn Campbell / ? / January 12,1975 / severe head contusions
10) Lisa Levy / ? / January 14,1978 / strangled
11) Margaret Bowman / ? / January 14,1978 / strangled
12) Kimberly Leach / 12 / February 9,1978 / ?


A) desire to be alone led to inability to socially interact comfortably with others
B) suffered from extreme sociopathism mixed with bouts of apathy
C) held a strong dependency on women in general
D) compulsive necrophiliar,mixed with bouts of extreme perversion


Ted Bundy:The Killer Next Door by Steven Winn & David Merrill (1980)
Bundy:The Delibrate Stranger by Richard Larsen (1980)
Phantom Prince:My Life With Ted Bundy by Elzabeth Kendall (1981)
The Stranger Beside Me by Ann Rule (1981)[updated in 2004]
The Delibrate Stranger starring Mark Hammon (1986)
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Murder Casebook:Investigations Into The Ultimate Crime #8-The College Girl Killings (1990)
Ted Bundy:Conversations With A Killer by Stephen G.Michaud(1991) [updated in 2000]
Real Life Crimes #10:Ted Bundy-Mass Murderer(1993)
Defending The Devil:My Story As Ted Bundy's Last Lawyer by Polly Nelson (1994)
Riverman:Ted Bundy And I Hunt For The Green River Killer by Robert Keppel (1995)[updated in 2004]
Murder In Mind #7:Ted Bundy(1996)
Only Living Witness:The True Story Of Serial Sex Killer Ted Bundy by Stephen G.Michaud(1999)
Court TV's Crime Stories:Ted Bundy(2000)
A&E's Biography:Ted Bundy(2000)
Ted Bundy starring Michael Burke & Tom Savini(2002)
The Riverman starring Carey Elwes(2004)

Full Name: Theodore Robert Cowell/Bundy/Nelson
Alias(s): the Lady Killer;Chris Hagen
Birthdate/Birthplace: November 24,1946 (Burlington,Vermont)
Died:January 24,1989-death sentence carried out by electric chair

Spotlighted : November 2004
After the murders in Utah,an eyewitness whom had seen a man going up to women-gave a description of what the man looked like that he went by 'Ted'.Bundy's then,girlfriend,Elizabeth Kendall was notified by a friend of a picture of the suspected murderer in Utah,and Kendall identified the man as being her boyfriend,Ted Bundy.Kendall recalled that the VW Bug that had been reported being driven by the murderer,was very close to the one Bundy owned,and that it was also reported the suspected murderer had a crutch on his arm/leg,and Kendall recalled seeing crutches in Bundy's room,although he had never broken his arm/leg.Kendall contacted the police with this information,but when she gave pictures of Bundy for the eyewitness to look at,Bundy wasn't identified as the 'Ted'.Much later,Bundy tried to kidnap and murder a girl named Carol DaRonch,but she escaped and was taken straight to the police station.All the evidence collected from her was a blood spot on her coat(which,at this time without DNA technology,was Bundy's blood),and handcuffs in which the man tried to restrain her with.That same night,at Viewmont High School,a strange man had been lingering at the back of an auditorium-bothering some of the women there.A woman named Debby Kent disappeared later that night in the parking lot of the school-police found a handcuff key(which was found to fit perfectly into the ones that were on DaRonch),but about a month later,a man called into the police reporting he had seen a tan VW Bug speeding away from the school's parking lot the night of Kent's disappearence.On August 16,1975-the tan VW Bug was spotted,and there was a short car chase between it and police-after inspecting the vehicle,a crowbar-ski mask-rope-handcuffs-wire-an ice pick,were all found inside it.The man driving was Ted Bundy-he was placed under arrest for suspicion of burglary.The handcuffs found in the vehicle were found to perfectly match the ones from DaRonch.A lineup was placed,with Bundy in it,and three women pointed him out as being the man lingering at Viewmont High School the night of Kent's disappearence.The police decided to investigate into Bundy's background,and called Kendall back-she stated habits and personality traits of Bundy's that seem to match the suspected killer's.Kendall also reported that there was a cast making kit in Bundy's,but most importantly,she stated that Bundy had visited Lake Sammamish Park in July,where the women disappered at that exact time.More eyewitnesses from the Park were brought in and shown the lineup-they pointed out Bundy as being the 'Ted'.On February 23,1976-Bundy was taken to trial for trying to kidnap DaRonch.On February 25th,Bundy was found guilty of aggravated kidnapping,and was sentenced on July 30th to spend from 1 year to 15 years in prison with the chance of parole.While Bundy was in prison,more evidence was found inside the VW Bug,including hair fibers that were examined by the FBI,and found to match victims Campbell and Smith-while the crowbar from before,matched the indentation made on Campbell's head perfectly.Colorado police filed murder charges against Bundy on October 22,1976 for Campbell's murder.Bundy was transferred to County Jail in Colorado to wait for trial;during this time-Bundy fired his lawyer and decided to represent himself,due to this,he was granted permission to visit the courthouse's library for research in Aspen.On June 7,1976-Bundy escaped(jumping from an open window in the courthouse's library).Roadblocks were set up around the town and a search was conducted with bloodhounds and about 150 people.Bundy had found a car and stole it,but was spotted driving and was placed under arrest.On December 30,1976-Bundy escaped again(climbing through a hole in the cieling of his cell,and walking out of the jailer's apartment).Bundy wasn't found to be missing from his cell until nearly 15 hours after he escaped.Bundy went to Chicago,on his way to Flordia,where he was under the name Chris Hagen.On January 14,1977-a woman named Nita Neary caught eye of Bundy leaving her sorority house,where shortly after,she had found that some of her fellow sorority sisters had been murdered.When police arrived at the sorority house,there were bite marks found on the buttocks and on the nipple of one of the victims.Just an hour away from the sorority house,that same night,a woman was attacked by Bundy,and when police arrived at that home-they found a mask that had been taken from Bundy's car from the first arrest in 1975(which later was proven to be Bundy's due to his hair being found on it).Still unfound,in February of 1978,a young girl had been approached by a man in a white van-trying to get her to come inside,but her older brother had pulled up and got her into his car-afterwards,the brother wrote down the license plate number as the van left;they're father-Chief of Detectives at the local police department,was given the number and ran it throught they're systems-the van was reported stolen.The father took both of his children to look at mugshots,and they both pointed out Bundy's mugshot as the man in the van.The van was soon after,found,but empty.Bundy had now stolen an orange VW Bug,but on February 15-an officer in West Pensacola saw the vehicle and didn't recognize it(being that no one in W.P. owned an orange one)-a small chase happened between the two,but Bundy was arrested.The white van had gone under forensic testing,and the blood type of a murdered young girl had been found in it.On July 31,1978-Bundy was charged with the murder of the young girl(Kimberly Leach),and not soon after,with the murders of three girls from the Chi Omega sorority house.
Bundy was found guilty of the Chi Omega murders,as well as Leach's murder-he was sentenced to death by the electric chair.On February 9,1980-Bundy married one of his defense witnesses(Carole Ann Boone).In 1982,Bundy tried for an appeal against the Chi Omega murders,but it was denied.In May of 1985-Bundy appealed the Leach murder,but this one was also denied.Bundy was originally scheduled to be executed on March 4,1986,but his appeals had not run out,thus it was pushed back,but in May of 1986-a death warrant was issued for Bundy by the State of Flordia,and Bundy filed his last appeal(for a stay of execution),which was denied on January 17,1989.After his appeals failed,Bundy confessed to more murders then the police had known about,and he as well tried to helpd Dr.Bob Keppel catch an infamous serial killer-"the Green River Killer"-although Bundy did not lead to the caputre of the Green River Killer(Gary Leon Ridgway),Bundy did give much needed insight into the mind of a serial killer.On January 24,1989 around 7am,Bundy's death sentence was carried out by the electric chair.Recently,in 2001-a murder in which Bundy was accused of commiting,but never confessed to(Kathy Devin on December 6,1973),was brought up by cold case Detectives,and DNA evidence proved that Bundy did not murder Devin.