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Speed Freak Thrill Killer


Deaths:   6 +       Attempts:   7 +
1) Cyndi Vanderheiden / 25 / ? / slit throat
2) Henry Howell / 41 / September ?,1984 / shot in unknown place
3) Howard Michael King / 35 / November 27,1984 / shot in unknown place
4) Paul Raymond Cavanaugh / 31 / November 27,1984 / shot point-blank
5) Chevelle"Chevy"Wheeler / 16 / 1985 / ?
6) Robin Armtrout / 24 / September ?,1985 / stabbed 12 times in various places


A) overdrug use,causing the misinterpertation between right and wrong
B) suffered from extreme bouts of sado-maschism mixed with narcissium

Full Name: Loren Joseph Herzog
Alias(s): Speed Freak Thrill Killer
Birthdate/Birthplace: 1977 (San Joacquin Valley,California)
Died: Still Alive

Spotlighted : August 2004
After Shermantine's pickup truck was brought in for forensic testing,Herzog was brought in for questioning due-to his close friendship with Shermantine.During the 17 hour questioning,Herzog confessed that Shermantine killed 5 people in California and 1 in Utah,and that he only watched the murders being commited and did not participate in them.Herzog stated that Shermantine bragged to him,saying that he killed both Armtrout and Wheeler.After all questioning,it was concluded that either or both killed at least 24 people.
$40,000 worth of guns were found at Shermantine's home,and till this day they are being investigated one-by-one by a small group of Arms Technicians to see if any of them were used in any of the crimes in which both Herzog and Shermantine are suspected of commiting.The once cold case file of a man being shot and killed in 1994 in Utah,has been reopened due-to Herzog's confession.Both Herzog and Shermantine were charged for robbery and first degree murder.Six murders in which Herzog stated to had seen Shermantine commit could not be brought up on charges due-to lack of evidence.Due-to California law,Herzog was brought up on charges for being present at the time the murders took place.In all,both men blamed the other for the murders.Herzog has just recently won an appeal to be taken back to court in the charge of murder for Wheeler-he is currently awaiting his retrial.