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Herzog & Shermantine Facts

Shermantine was only charged with two counts of murder
The cabin in which Wheeler's blood was also found in(owned by Shermantine),has been proven that Herzog also owned a key to the cabin,thus placing theory that Herzog may have been the one whom murdered Wheeler
Another cold case file that was opened due-to Herzog's confession was of a woman in 1994 whom was murdered and found burned in inside a barrel

It only took 3 weeks for Herzog and Shermantine to be taken to trial
Due-to both Herzog and Shermantine being convicted of murders in the 1980's,these are the first cases in Stockton history to be solved after a 13 year delay
The reason Shermantine wasn't charged with the murder of Howell was due-to lack of evidence

Random Fact

San Joacquin police believe that Herzog and Shermantine have commited 190 murders in all.