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Bernardo & Homolka Facts

Homolka was denied parole 3 times before her release in 2005
It's stated that Bernardo was a Freemason member(a private society that supposably housed the actual Jack the Ripper,and is rumored to be a satanic cult)
Bernardo has been in protective custody since his conviction
It's said that in the photos of the assault that Homolka brought charges on Bernardo-she is wearing a Mickey Mouse watch,in which French's parents have stated that French had that exact same watch,and when her body was found-the watch was missing
While in prison,Homolka earned a degree in Psychology
The day in which Bernardo and Homolka were married was the same day Mahaffy's body was found
After Homolka brought up charges on Bernardo for assault,he had actually written a suicide letter and was going to take his own life,until a friend intervened
Bernardo is a graduate of Toronto University,where he earned his bachelor's degree in Art
Homolka met Bernardo while attending a pet food convention in Scarborough
It's rumored that Homolka's pet lizard bit Bernardo and so,in return,he chopped it's head off,cooked it,and ate it in front of her
Homolka had dropped out of High School(Sir Winston Churchill High School)for about 3 months so she could work full time at the Pet Centre,but she later re-enrolled and graduated
Bernardo wanted to be a rapper,and even dubbed himself as the 'Young Hype'
When Bernardo was between 4 and 5 years old,he ran away from home,and returned a few days later where his family hadn't noticed he had even left
Neither Bernardo nor Homolka were ever charged with the death of Anderson due-to her body being found six months after her death in freezing waters
The task force that was put together to solve the murders of Mahaffy and French was called the 'Green Ribbon Task Force'
While Homolka was staying at the psychiatrict hosptial before sentencing,she suffered a drug-induced seizure due-to taking large quantities of sedatives,narcotics,and anti-depressants

Homolka had her last name legally changed to Teale(which also happens to be the name from a ficitional serial killer in the movie "Criminal Law")
Bernardo and Homolka's trial took place at the same time of O.J. Simpson's trial
Bernardo paid for his lawyers with legal aid
Homolka had a pet dog named Buddy,whom is said to still be alive and living with her family
Bernardo's first lawyer,Ken Murray was actually charged with Obstruction of Justice due-to holding out on the evidence of the 8mm tapes,but all charges were cleared
Supposably in 2001,all copies and the originals of the 8mm films were destroyed
The 8mm tapes do not show the victims being murdered,but instead,being held against they're will and being sexually assaulted
The charges that were brought upon Bernardo by Homolka were that of him hitting her so hard with a flashlight that it partially dislodged her left eyeball from it's socket
Other then Tammy,Homolka has one other sister-Lori
It only took one day for Homolka to be sentenced
In 1998,a 19 year old girl(Michelle Erstkaitis),whom has an obsession for Bernardo,was arrested for stalking Mahaffy's mother-claiming that it was her fault that Bernardo is in prison.Erstkaitis was sentenced to two years in prison,she was released in 2002,but failed to show up for a parole hearing and was arrested again and is currently in prison
The prison in which Bernardo is being held at (Kingston Penitentary)was used to film the last scene in the original film "Superman"
In 1993,Bernardo's father was sentenced to nine months in jail and three years probation for indecently assaulting a woman
In the fine print of Homolka's plea-bargain,it stated that if she lied on the stand,she would lose the bargain-when the 8mm tapes were reviewed they showed her as the abuser,but the court refused to overturn her bargain
After college,Bernardo worked for a firm as an accountant called " Price Waterhouse "(which he lost because he failed his accountancy exams)
Bernardo has an older half-sister(Debbie),and an older half-brother(David)
Bernardo once worked as a waiter for a place called "Crock & Block"

The first time Homolka was up for parole,she didn't apply for it
After French's murder,Homolka claimed to have heard bangs,noises,and voices from the basement(where it is stated that Mahaffy's body was dismembered)
A rarely used law was used in Bernardo's trial-stating that Canada could pass up the preliminary hearings in order to get on with the trial
During the length of Bernardo and Homolka's trial,a ban was placed on television broadcasts of the trial,importation of American publications,internet bulletin boards,and all American reporters were,as well,banned from the court room
After Homolka's arrest,her bail was placed at $110,000
While dating Bernardo,Homolka worked at "Number One Pet Centre" in St.Catherine's,Ontario as a veterinary's assistant
A barrier of Plexiglas is placed in front of Bernardo's cell due-to inmates passing by and throwing stuff at him
Bernardo has been noted to have been a fan of the book "American Psycho" by Bret Easton Ellis
Among the things confiscated from Bernardo and Homolka's home were a collection of newspaper articles belonging to Bernardo that consisted of violent sexual crimes(dating from October 1991-December 1992),as well as many department store ads with young girls modeling bras,panties,and other clothing(dating from 1986)
After they're marriage,Bernardo and a friend would smuggle cigarettes and liquor from America to make money(close to $520 a day)
Bernardo is the son of a business man in which his mother had an affair with
Bernardo was in the Boy Scouts(his mother was the leader of the Girl Scouts)

Random Fact

Bernardo is a self-proclaimed porno addict