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the Scarborough Rapist


Deaths:   4       Attempts:   20+
1) Tammy Homolka / 15 / December 23,1990 / choked on own vomit due-to drugging
2) Leslie Mahaffy / 14 / June 14,1991 / strangled
3) Terri Anderson / 14 / November 30,1991 / drowned due-to intoxication
4) Kristen French / 15 / April 16,1992 / strangled


A) suffered from battered-wife syndrome along with post-traumatic syndrome


(a letter written to her parents before she went to trial)
"Dear Mom,Dad and Lori,
This is the hardest letter I've ever had to write and you'll probably all hate me once you read it.I've kept this inside myself for so long and I just can't lie to you anymore.Both Paul and I are responsible for Tammy's death.Paul was 'in love' with her and wanted to have sex with her.He wanted me to help him.He wanted me to get sleeping pills from work to drug her with.He threatened me and physically and emotionally abused me when I refused.No words I can say can make you understand what he put me through.So stupidly I agreed to do as he said.But something maybe the combination of drugs and the food she ate that night caused her to vomit.I tried so hard to save her.I am so sorry.But no words I can say can bring her back I would gladly give my life for hers.I don't expect you to ever forgive me,for I will never forgive myself.
(an excerpt from a letter written to a friend before she married Bernardo)
"Our relationship gets better each day.He's going to make the perfect husband.It looks like all my dreams are coming true,espically about finding the best man in the whole world to marry."
(to Bernardo,why she let him rape her 15-year-old sister,Tammy)
"I didn't give you my virginity,so I gave you Tammy's...I love you enough to do that."


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Full Name: Karla Leanne Homolka
Alias(s): the Scarborough Rapist ; Ken & Barbie Killers
Birthdate/Birthplace: May 4,1970 (Port Credit,Ontario,Canada)
Died: Still Alive - paroled in July 2005

Spotlighted : December 2004
Not soon after Bernardo was arrested,a search warrant was executed on Homolka's and Bernardo's home-where police found a videotape of one of the rape victims having sexual acts performed on her by Homolka.She was placed under arrest.
-both divorced-
Before Homolka testified against Bernardo,a plea-baragain was made stating that Homolka would be up for parole in 12 years(July 2005),but testifying against Bernardo-she'd be up for parole in 3 years;with government's agreement to contact the parole board on her behalf of testifying against Bernardo.On March 8,2001-the early parole came up and Homolka was denied due-to her fear of being killed by vigilantes.The plea-bargain's deal was up in July 2005,and Homolka was released as promised.She is currently in Quebec,where the Judge ordered her to stay.