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Sobhraj Facts

Its been stated that a majority of Sobhraj's victims were actually potential recruits for his "gang," but they had threatened to uncover him and so he murdered them
Victim Jacob was a scholar
A follower of Sobhraj's---Ajay Chowdhury---is stated to have helped in some of the murders
There's much speculation as to why Sobhraj returned to Nepal after all these years(as well as knowing that he could be arrested);Sobhraj,himself,stated that he had come to Nepal to start an exporting business with shawls made in the Himalayan Kingdom
Sobhraj's mother (Song) blammed him for his father leaving her;she was a shop girl
Another escape from prison was in 1975 in Greece;Sobhraj was being transported when he was holding a shampoo bottle filled with gasoline-he soaked the vehicle and ignited it-escaping when the guards had released him from the fire for his own safety

Sobhraj has a brother named Andre
One of the many times Sobhraj went to prison was in 1973 for a botched robbery of a jewelry store in India's Hotel Ashoka(he escaped from prison by the help of his wife,Chantal,but he was soon recaptured)
Sobhraj's escaped from prison in 1986 took place during a birthday party,where sweets were laced with sleeping pills and were given to the guards(it's rumored that Sobhraj even had one of the inmates that was escaping with him,take pictures of them as they walked out of the prison doors)
Sobhraj is stated to be addicted to gambling
Sobhraj's biological father was a tailor merchant,whom denies being Sobhraj's father
Sobhraj was married to a woman named Chantal(whom he has a daughter with);there's nothing that states these two ever divorced

While in India,Sobhraj ran a car theft/smuggling operation
The book "Life And Crimes Of Charles Sobhraj" was adapted into a television mini-series called "Shadow Of The Cobra"
The first time Sobhraj went to prison was in 1963 for burglary at Possy prison(which is near Paris,France),for three years
Sobhraj now goes by Charles Sobhraj Gurmukh

Random Fact

Victims Bintanja & Hemker were both Dutch students,whom were also engaged to one another at the time of their deaths