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Sells Facts

Sells ran away from home when he was 14
Sells had a twin sister,who died at 8 months
One of the murders that Sells has confessed to but isn't confirmed is from 1980 in Los Angeles:Sells claims to have killed someone with an ice-pick
Victim Ruby Dardeen was pregnant at the time of her death(the unborn child didn't survive)
When Sells was a child,he was sexually abused by an older male neighborhood  friend
During 1987,Sells worked for a roofing company in Winnemucca,Nevada

Sells met victim Harris and her family at the Grace Community Church,which he had been attending at the time
In 1997,Sells married a woman named Nora Price,then in October of 1998 he married a woman named Jessica Levrie but this marriage wasn't legal because he hadn't divorced his previous wife beforehand
During 1999,Sells worked at a carnival at the famous Fiesta in Texas
Sells is 5'9"
Sells has an extremely long rap-sheet since he was a teenager,one of the many times he went to prison was for eight months(which was a two-year sentence)in 1985 for felony theft in Missouri but he ended up returning for violating his parole(d.u.i.)

Another murder Sells has confessed to but hasn't been proven is that of a fellow carnival worker named Thomas Brose,who was found shot-to-death on April 15,1998
Sells dropped out of school in the 8th grade
Sells has six siblings(5 boys,1 girl)

Random Fact

From 2-5 years of age,Sells lived with his aunt,Bonnie Walpole