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Haigh Facts

Haigh's parents were strict religious persons whom belonged to the Plymouth Brethren
As a child,Haigh was a choir boy for his church
Haigh's "workshop" was located in Crawley,West Sussex
Just in case you didn't know,William McSwan is the son of the second and third victims

Haigh married in 1934 to a woman named Beatrice Hammer
In 1934,Haigh went to prison for theft and fraud
After William McSwan's murder,Haigh went to McSwan's parents and told them that William had fled to Scotland to avoid the draft(which was reported that William had mentioned to his parents before)

Haigh claimed to had consumed the blood of his victims,but it was never proven
During the murders,Haigh was staying at Onslow Court Hotel in Kensington
The revolver Haigh used on Deacon was a .38 Webley

Random Fact

Haigh's father-John Haigh,Sr.-had a mark on his forehead that he claimed was the mark of the Devil because of a sin he commited when he was younger