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McVeigh Facts

After graduating high school,McVeigh became a security guard for an armored truck company
McVeigh wasn't found guilty of all the murders,but rather just 8 of the murders(of whom were all Federal Agents)
The bombing did not completely destroy the Murrah building,not until May 23,1995-when a demolition crew demolished what was left of the building,because there was no way of rebuilding it and they decided to just put a memorial there,dedicated to the victims,instead
The nitromethane fuel used in the bomb was stolen from a race track in Texas
McVeigh's last words were not spoken(nor of his own),instead he had a poem handed out,entitled "Invictus" by the 19th-century poet,William Ernest
While McVeigh was housed at the Federal "Supermax" prison in Terre Haute,Indiana-one of his neighbors was Ted Kaczynski (the Unabomber)
McVeigh was the first Federal execution since 1963
The book that most people believe gave McVeigh his influence(which he literally carried in his back pocket) was the "Turner Diaries" by Andrew Macdonald
Although McVeigh stated that he had worked alone in the bombing,it's believed that two men(Terry Nichols-whom did go to trial for the bombing,and was found guilty of numerous counts of murder as well as arson,but was given a life sentence & Michael Fortier-whom was sentenced to 12-years in prison for helping case the Murrah building,but was released on January 20,2006 after 10 1/2 years).Other people were charged for helping in the bombing,but their names were never disclosed to the public

McVeigh was identified as the Oklahoma Bomber (aka John Doe #1) just hours before he was to be released on bail for misdemenaor charges
The original judge who was to oversee McVeigh's trial (Wayne Alley) was removed from the case because his courtroom was damaged by the blast of the Murrah building(it was believed this would make Alley impartial to McVeigh)
McVeigh rented the infamous Ryder truck at Elliott's Body Shop in Junction City,Kansas
After McVeigh was denied clemency,he had the chance to file more appeals but he decided not to
Before the bombing,McVeigh passed out leaflets supporting right-wing policies in Waco,Texas
McVeigh went to bootcamp at Fort Benning,Georgia
Since the "death chamber" where McVeigh was executed could not hold all the remaining family members of the victims,they were aloud to watch on a closed-circuit live television feed in an Oklahoma City airplane hanger
McVeigh joined the Army in 1988(which he fought in the Gulf War),where after he worked for a security company in Buffalo,New York called Advanced Technology Center aka Calspan Research Center
Before McVeigh joined the Army,he worked at a sportman's shop in Lockport,New York as a gun salesman

Less than a year before the bombing,McVeigh robbed an arm's dealer in Arkansas to help "finance" his cause (with the help of Nichols)
The bomb used in the Oklahoma bombing was an ANFO bomb(ammonium nitrate fuel oil),and was stated to had been built at Geary Lake,Kansas
McVeigh's last meal was two pints of mint chocolate chip ice cream
McVeigh was 6'2"
McVeigh was stated to have a fascination for guns from a very young age
Before McVeigh's execution,a music composer named David Woodard,had written a music score for McVeigh and was trying to get the warden of the Federal "Supermax" prison to allow him to perform it for McVeigh,but Woodard was turned-down
When McVeigh was 19-years-old,he and a friend(David Darlak) bought 10 acres of land in Olean,New York where they practiced shooting

Random Fact

McVeigh was awarded many medals for his participation in the Gulf War-one notably was the Bronze Star.