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Lopez Facts

It's believed that Lopez murdered over 100 young girls in Peru during 1978
Some of Lopez's victims in Ecuador were uncovered by a flash flood in 1980
When Lopez was arrested for grand theft auto when he was eighteen-years-old,only two days into his seven-year sentence at the local prison-he was gang raped by four prisoners;a few months after this happened,Lopez took his revenge and killed three of the four men whom raped him,with a shank.Lopez only recieved an additional two years added onto his seven years for these murders because it was found to have been done out of self defense
The reason Lopez was released in Colombia instead of Ecuador(where he was imprisoned)was because he didn't have a Visa to stay in Ecuador,and Colombia is his birthplace,thus he is a resident
Its been stated that sometimes Lopez would "play" with his victims postmortum;propping them up and talking to them,holding tea parties,dressing them up,etc...
While in prison for the final time,families of the victims put a bounty of $25,000 on Lopez for whomever would kill him(guards,fellow prisoners,etc...)so Lopez's entire time was spent in solitary confinement

Lopez's mother was a prostitute
Lopez dwelled in crime since he was about 13-years-old,which he stole cars for the most part
Although during Lopez's self-claimed murder spree turned up a large number of young girls missing,authorities didn't connect them to a single murderer due to they believed the girls had been sold to the South American sex slave rings

Lopez was kicked out of his home when he was 8-years-old(his mother caught him fondling one of his sisters)
When Lopez was 14-years-old,he was molested by one of his teachers
Lopez has 12 siblings

Random Fact

Lopez was nearly killed in Peru,during his murder spree,when he tried to rape a nine-year-old girl in an Indian village(Ayacuchos),but he was caught by villagers,where he was then subjected to brutal beatings,torture,and when he was about to be buried alive,a white missionary convinced the villagers not and instead to turn him over to the authorities