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Kemper Facts

It's been rumored that Kemper's idol was John Wayne(no,not Gacy)
The two serial killers whom were murderering at the same time and same place as Kemper were John Linley Frazier & Herbert Mullin(Kemper was housed right the next cell to Mullin while they were awaiting trial)
Schall was attending Cabrillo Community College
It took several calls from Kemper to the Santa Cruz Police Department to convince them that he wasn't joking about his confession
The only reason Kemper didn't get the death penalty is because in 1973 the Supreme Court had abolished all death sentences,causing all to be turned over to a life sentence,but it was reinstated on January 1,1974
Both Pesce and Luchessa were students at Fresno State College
Kemper's grandmother wrote children's books
After Kemper murdered his grandparents he was sent to Atascadero State Hospital,where he worked in the psychology laboratory by helping to administer tests and was also part of the Junior Chamber of Commerce,but while here,he was housed with serial rapists-this is where it's believed Kemper picked up his sado-maschist disorder,by listening to their stories
Kemper's mother was 6'0"

Kemper is 6'9"
Kemper is the middle child of two sisters(Susan and Allyn)
Koo was a ballet student
Kemper,after his final trial,actually asked for "psychosurgery"(where a probe is inserted into your brain to kill brain tissue and potentially cure some people of their sexual aggression),but his request was denied,mostly because authorities feared that if it had "cured" him,he would be elgible for parole
Kemper worked for the Divison of Highways
After Kemper was released from Atascadero-he spent three months in a halfway house before he was turned over to the care of his mother
Kemper's parents seperated when Kemper was 9,after which his mother took he and his siblings to Montana,where it's been stated that Kemper was locked in the basement for various reasons
It's been rumored that an anime from 2004 is based on Robert Ressler(the criminal psychologist whom interviewed Kemper after all of the murders),and Kemper himself.The anime,if in existance,is called "Monster".The entire series is suppose to be 70+ episodes,and the episodes 18-20 are suppose to be based on Ressler and Kemper
Kemper has a genius IQ

When Kemper was a child,he killed the family cat and placed it's head on an altar,then denied ever doing it
Kemper's mother tried to have his juvenile records sealed(for murdering his grandparents),but the courts refused until November 1972-when psychiatrists stated he had been rehabilitated
The day after Kemper murdered Koo,he had to face a panel of psychiatrists as a regulation for his parole,where,on this day,psychiatrists stated he was no harm to anyone
Kemper was known to hang out a bar called the "Jury Room",which was frequented by off-duty police officers
When Schall hitchiked back with Kemper,she was on her way home from babysitting
Kemper's mother worked at the University of California in Santa Cruz as an administrative assitant,it was here that she gave Kemper a university sticker for his car so that he could go in and out of the campus without having to be stopped

Random Fact

Kemper attended community college in hopes that one day he would join the Police Academy