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the Co-Ed Killer


Deaths:   10       Attempts:   0
1) Maude Kemper / ? / August 27,1964 / shot in head
2) Edmund Kemper,Sr. / ? / August 27,1964 / shot in head
3) Mary Ann Pesce / 18 / May 7,1972 / throat slit
4) Anita Luchessa / 18 / May 7,1972 / stabbed numerous times in various places
5) Aiko Koo / 15 / September 14,1972 / strangled with scarf
6) Cindy Schall / 19 / January 8,1973 / shot in head
7) Rosalind Thorpe / 23 / February 5,1973 / shot in head
8) Allison Liu / 21 / February 5,1973 / shot point blank
9) Clarnell Kemper/Strandberg / 52 / April 19,1973 / severe head contusion with hammer
10) Sara Hallett / 59 / April 19,1973 / strangled by scarf


A) suffered from severe bouts of sociopathism mixed with sado-maschism and narcissium
B) held a hatred for his mother,thus an angst against females in general


(on his school and fantasies)
" When I was in school,I was called a chronic daydreamer and I saw a counselor twice during junior high and high school,and that was very routine.They didn't ask me alot of questions about myself and that was probably the most violent fantasy time I was off into. "
(how he felt about his mother)
" She loved me in her way and despite all the violent screaming and yelling arguments we had,I loved her,too.But,she had to manage your life...and interfere in your personal affairs. "
(on picking up Pesce and Luchessa)
" It was the first time I went looking for someone to kill.And it's two people,not one.And they're dead.Very naive,too.Painfully naive in that they thought they were streetwise. "
(on why he surrendered)
" So I wouldn't kill again. "
(on what he believes was the motive behind the murders)
" My frustration.My inability to communicate socially,sexually.I wasn't impotent.I was scared to death of failing in male-female relationships. "
(on why he decapitated most of his victims)
" I remember it was very exciting...there was actually a sexual was kind of an exlated triumphant type thing,like taking the head of a deer or an elk or something would be to a hunter.I was the hunter and they were the victims. "


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Full Name: Edmund Emil Kemper,III
Alias(s): the Co-Ed Killer,Big Ed,Co-Ed Butcher,Co-Ed Chopper
Birthdate/Birthplace: December 18,1948 (Burbank,California)
Died:Still Alive

Spotlighted : August 2005
During the murders,police did not connect any of them commited by Kemper due to the fact that two other serial killers were murdering in the exact same area at the exact same time as Kemper was.It wasn't until April 27,1973-when the Santa Cruz Police Department recieved a phone call from a man named Edmund Kemper,whom instantly began to confess to numerous murders in great detail.Police believed the phone call to be a prank,so they found Kemper at a phone booth in Pueblo,Colorado,and brought him back to the station to begin questioning him about his confession.Kemper reinstated his confessions,but it wasn't until Kemper began showing officials where he had disposed of bodies that they believed he was telling the truth.
Kemper's trial only lasted three weeks,with Kemper(by request of his lawyer,James Jackson)pleading not guilty by reason of insanity.Many witnesses were called,including Kemper's family members,whom tried to convince the court that Kemper was in fact insane and was not liable for his actions(even Kemper,himself took the stand in his defense),but the Prosecution called Dr.Joel Fort,whom had interviewed Kemper on many occasions and stated that Kemper WASN'T insane,and in fact was obsessed with sex and violence with an overbearing need of attention.During the course of the trial,Kemper tried to commit suicide by slitting his wrists with a ballpoint pen,but this had no effect on the jury's decision-within five hours on November 8,1973,the jury came back from deliberations and found Kemper guilty in all counts and sentenced him to life in prison without the chance or possibility of parole.Before Kemper was shipped off to prison,he was watched over at the Vacaville Medical Facility,only then,soon after,he was sent to Folsom Prison.While in prison,Kemper has helped the blind by reading books on tape,and he has also helped the F.B.I. put together a profiling system of tracking serial killers by a series of interviews with F.B.I. Agent(now retired)Robert Ressler.Kemper still resides at Folsom Prison and is noted to be a well behaved prisoner.