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Gacy Facts

When officers had gone to Gacy's home and asked about the disappearence of Piest,it's stated that Piest's body was in the attic at that time
Gacy's parents were Marion Elaine Robinson and John Stanley Gacy,Sr.(he was a machinist,whom was stated to have been an alcoholic,and died on December 25,1969)
Gacy's infamous home was located at 8213 West Summerdale Avenue,in Norwood Park Township
Gacy is a graduate from Northwestern Business College
On the graves beneath Gacy's home,he used Lime in order to make the bodies decompose quicker
Not all the victims were found under Gacy's home-one was found under his garage,and some were found in the Des Plaines River
Gacy was married in 1964(Marlynn Myers),but they divorced in 1971,he then remarried in 1972(Carole Hoff),where he became the stepfather of two daughters,but he and Hoff seperated in 1976
The Judge whom handeled Gacy's last and final trial(Louis B.Garippo)also handeled serial killer Richard Speck's trial as well,years earlier
The first time Gacy was sentenced to prison for raping a young boy(1968,the Iowa State Reformatory For Men at Anamosa),he was sentenced for 10 years,but only served 3 due to good behavior(while serving the time,he was head cook in the cafeteria);yet,before he even went to trial for this,Gacy was sent to several different psychiatrict hospitals to see if he was fit to stand trial
Among the 21 items confiscated from Gacy's home were:
several pornographic films from Sweden
a switchblade knife
photographs of local drug stores and pharmacies
books entitled: "Tight Teenagers","The Rights Of Gay People","Bike Boy","Pederasty:Sex Between Men And Boys","Twenty-One Abnormal Sex Cases","The American","Bi-Centennial Gay Guide","Heads & Tails",and "The Great Swallow"
a pair of handcuffs with keys
a 6mm Italian pistol
fake police badges
an 18 inch rubber dildo
a hypodermic needle
You'd be surprised how many people look this over-Gacy was born on St.Patrick's Day
Gacy's insanity plea was based on Gacy believing he was schizophrenic and that his alter-ego(Jack)was the one whom commited the murders;Jack was also known as the alias Gacy used when he was posing a police officer

Gacy is the middle child of two sisters
Piest worked at the Nisson Pharmacy while attending Maine West High School
From a young age,Gacy suffered from epilepsy-when he was 16,he had such a violent epileptic fit that he had to be placed in a strait jacket
The only victim known to have survived an attack by Gacy,(Rengall)had actually gone to the police after his attack in 1977,but the police didn't investigate into it
It's been stated that when Gacy was 6 years old,he was molested by a friend of his father's
As well as the Jolly Jocker Club,Gacy was a part of at least several organizations including - the Chi Rho Club,the Catholic Inter-Club Council,the Federal Civil Defense for Illinois,the Chicago Civil Defense,the Holy Name Society,and the Jaycees
While in High School,Gacy worked odd jobs-newspaper boy and a bagboy at a local grocery store
Gacy,before his first arrest in 1968,was a manager for a restaurant in Iowa
Gacy as a child,was in the Boy Scouts
Gacy's last meal was fried chicken,french fries,a Coca-Cola,and strawberry shortcake
Gacy is a father actually(not just a stepfather)-he had a son and daughter with his first wife
Gacy attended four different High Schools in his Senior year,but ended up dropping out

The day that Piest disappeared,was the day of his mother's 46th birthday
When Gacy was 20-while living in Las Vegas,Nevada-he worked at Palm Mortuary as a janitor,then at 22,he worked at Nunnbush Shoe Company in Chicago,but since he was quoted to have been an ideal salesman,he was transferred to Springfield,Illinois to manage a Nunnbush retail outlet for men's clothing,it was here that not too soon afterwards,Gacy's parents-in-law bought a chain of Kentucy Fried Chicken franchises in Waterloo,Iowa and made Gacy the manager.When this marriage ended(this was his first marriage),Gacy opened up his infamous contracting company
It's been stated that Gacy was the influence behind the films "IT" and "Clown House"
Sometimes,to seduce young men,Gacy would lie and say he was a sex researcher for the Governor of Illinois,and sometimes he pretended to be a police officer
While Gacy was dressed as his infamous Pogo the Clown for the Jolly Joker Club,he would visit children's hospitals to cheer them up.For this,Gacy was commended by,then,first lady Rosalyn Carter(he was also known as a volunteer for the local Democratic Party)
Before the last and final trial took place,Gacy was placed in a psychiatrict hospital due to a suicide attempt
For the murders Gacy committed before 1977,he recieved life sentences,but because the State of Chicago reinstated the death penalty on June 21,1977-the murders Gacy commited AFTER that sentenced him to death by lethal injection(for those whom don't want to do the math,Gacy recieved 21 life sentences,and 12 death sentences)
Butkovich and Godzik both worked for Gacy's contracting business as remodelers
It's been stated that Gacy's last words before being executed were "Kiss my ass"
In 1971,Gacy was brought up on sexual assault charges from a teenaged boy,but the charges were dismissed because the young boy didn't show up for court
The ones whom believe Gacy did suffere from schizophrenia,believe that it started when he was 11 years old,due to him hitting his head on a swing from a swingset -which is believed to have caused his major blackouts he suffered from until he was 16.After Gacy was examined for the blackouts,a doctor found a bloodclot in his brain,Gacy was placed on medication that stopped the blackouts

Random Fact

Gacy was born at Chicago's Edgewater Hospital around 12:30am