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Gein Facts

At the saloon where Hogan disappeared,officers found an empty bullet casing
During the time of the grave robbing and murders,Gein was an avid reader of death cult and adventure magazines,as well as books on human anatomy and anything that talked about the experiments that took place at the Nazi concentration camps
While Gein was serving his life sentence at the Central State Hospital,it's been stated that he never needed medication and that he was a role model patient
Although overly reported-Gein denied all accounts of ever being a cannibal and/or necrophiliac
Gein,among some people,is not considered a serial killer because he only murderered two people,but it is overwhelmingly believed that Gein killed his brother,two teenaged girls,and two men whom worked on his family's farm-the disappearences of these people/murders have not been solved till this day
Hogan ran a saloon
It's been stated that Gein wanted to be a woman and even considered castrating himself on several occasions

Gein had an older brother,Henry
Gein is said to buried in the exact same graveyard in which he use to grave rob from
George Gein was Gein's father whom was an alcholic and died at 67 in 1940
The guns used in the murders were a .22 and a .32
Although Gein was born in La Crosse,the murders took place in Plainfield
The first grave that Gein robbed was less then 12 feet from where his mother was buried

Worden's son was the Sheriff's Deputy at the time of her disappearence
From his teens,up to his arrest-Gein was a farmer on his family's farm
After the death of Gein's mother,he sealed up every room in the house,except his bedroom and the kitchen
Augusta Gein was Gein's mother,and was noted to be a Christian extremist-she ran a grocery store during Gein's teen years and died at 67 on December 29,1945 due to a stroke
Gein did have a friend named Gus,whom was mentally-retarded,and it has been stated that Gus helped Gein dig up graves for grave robbing
Gein has inspired characters in the films "Texas Chainsaw Massacre","Psycho","Silence Of The Lambs","Maniac","I Dismember Mama",and "Motel Hell"

Random Fact

When Gein talked about robbing graves and dismembering female corpses,before he was arrested-no one believed him