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the Butcher of Plainfield


Deaths:   2+       Attempts:   0
1) Mary Hogan / 54 / December 8,1954 / shot in unknown place
2) Bernice Worden / 55 / November 16,1957 / shot in head


A) religious induced illusion between right and wrong
B) an overbearing and unhealthy attachment to a mother figure
C) suffered from overbearing isolation,causing a deep need of another
D) morbid curiosity of women mixed with sexual psychopathia
E) suffered from severe bouts of schizophrenia


Three On A Meathook (1972)
Deranged starring Roberts Bloom (1974)
America's Most Bizzarre Murderer-Edward Gein by Judge Robert H.Gollmar (1981)
Real Life Crimes-#89:Ed Gein,the Corpse Collector (1994)
Ed Gein-Psycho by Pail Anthony Woods & Errol Morris (1995)
Outcry by Harold Schechter (1997) [fiction]
Murder In Mind-The Killers,Their Crimes,And Their Psychology #22:Ed Gein (1997)
Deviant:The Shocking True Story Of The Original Psycho by Harold Schechter (1998)
Ed Gein starring Steve Railsback & Carrie Snodgress (2001) [aka Light of the Moon]
Ed Gein:The Ghoul Of Plainfield (2004)
Weird Trips #2
Ed by Ben Whitworth [not-yet-released]

Full Name: Edward Theodore Gein
Alias(s): the Butcher of Plainfield;Eddie;the Mad Butcher;the Plainfield Ghoul;Ghastly Gein;Weird Old Eddie
Birthdate/Birthplace: August 27,1906 (La Crosse,Wisconsin)
Died:July 26,1984-due to cancer

Spotlighted : May 2005
The day after Worden was missing from her hardware store,it was reported that Gein was the last to be seen inside the store the night before.Officers already knew of the rumors that Gein had human skulls in his home that he had shown to three people,with this in mind,the police went to Gein's home On November 17,1957 and found Worden's headless corpse as well as a bowl made from a human skull,4 masks of human skin,1 pair of human lips,lampshades-wastebaskets-and an armchair made from human flesh,female genitalia in a shoebox,a belt made from human nipples,a human head,four human noses,and a human heart.In total,the remains of fifteen women were found.Gein was placed under arrest immediately.
Gein admitted to killing Hogan and Worden,but claimed that the various body parts were from dead women he dug up from a nearby grave and not that of other victims-the police investigated into this by exhuming the bodies of the women Gein had claimed to have dug up;it was proven due to they were missing the various body parts.Gein showed signs of "insanity",and this was subjected to many psychological testing for about 30 days,when psychologists came to a conclusion and stated that Gein was "schizophrenic" and a "sexual psychopath".It took nearly ten years for Gein to stand trial(when psychologists said he was finally "comptent" to stand trial),on November 7,1968-and he pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity.During the course of the one week trial,seven lab technicians took the stand and testified against Gein.The Judge found Gein guilty of murder,but not guilty of first degree murder due to insanity.Gein was sentenced to life at Central State Hospital for the Criminally Insane.In 1978,for unknown reasons,Gein was transferred to Mendota Mental Health Institution,and on June 26,1984-Gein died from a bout with cancer.Yet,before he died,his home and belongings went up for auction,but on the day of the auction(March 20,1958)-his house was burned down by an unknown person(s).Very few things were left,including a 1949 Ford Sedan that Gein used to carry the dead bodies to his home,which was auctioned off for $760,and was placed into a sideshow.