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DeSalvo Facts

DeSalvo joined the Army at 17-years-old and was stationed in Germany,where he was honorably discharged in 1956
DeSalvo molested a young girl when he returned to the United States in 1955,but charges were never brought up
After DeSalvo's first child was born,he was arrested for theft twice,but was released on suspended sentences
DeSalvo was charged also with the crimes where he was known as the "Measuring Man";this is where he would go door-to-door looking for women whom he was attracted to,he would tell them he worked for a modeling agency and would then measure them,fondling them in the process-charges were brought up on DeSalvo in 1960 due-to DeSalvo confessing after he was arrested for suspicion of burglary;he was sentenced to 2 years for this but was paroled in 11 months
DeSalvo is stated to have raped over 300 women,but he himself claimed to have raped over 2,000 women
DeSalvo never went to trail for the Boston Strangler murders-this because of lack of evidence,and also because his lawyer cut a deal to only have the charges of the rapes/Measuring Man incidents to be brought on him,for an exchange of life in prison without parole

Prison officials,including DeSalvo's psychiatrist believe that DeSalvo was murdered because he threatened to come forward with whom the TRUE Boston Strangler was-this believed because DeSalvo's psychiatrist remarked that the last time he saw DeSalvo he had said to him that he was fed up with the whole Boston Strangler thing
When DeSalvo was 7-years-old,he saw his father hit his mother(breaking all of her front teeth),and then saw his father break his mother's fingers,snapping them one-by-one
DeSalvo is one of six children-he along with two of his sisters were sold to a slave farmer by they're father for $9.00 each
At Mullen's crime scene-a New Year's greeting card was found wedged between her toes on her left foot
DeSalvo's father taught him how to steal from a very young age,and also made him watch him have sex with prostitutes
DeSalvo's wife is from Germany,in which DeSalvo met her while he was enlisted in the Army;when he was honorably discharged,he returned with his wife to the United States
DeSalvo is the father of two children-daughter Judy & son Michael

Due-to DeSalvo being subjected to proverty at a young age,he was forced to prostitute himself,he lost his virginity at the age of 10 years old by a homosexual for money
A psychic was brought in during the Boston Strangler murders,to help authorities(Peter Hurkos)
At the time of DeSalvo's arrest(the final one),his reward was at $110,000
It only took the jury at DeSalvo's final court appearence 3 hours and 45 minutes to find him guilty
While imprisoned for the final time,DeSalvo and two other inmates actually escaped from prison-the two other inmates were caught at a cocktail bar,while DeSalvo called his attorney and turned himself in at a clothing store.DeSalvo's brothers helped in the escape attempt,and therefore were arrested for helping
DeSalvo's killer is still unknown to this day

Random Fact

Many believe that DeSalvo is in fact NOT the Boston Strangler,and that convicted killer-George Nassar is.This thought is concluded because DeSalvo was locked up with Nassar day and night!Many believe that Nassar made a deal with DeSalvo,that DeSalvo would confess to the crimes(since he would spend the rest of his life in prison for the rapes he had been charged with),and that his family could take the reward money.