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the Hillside Stranglers


Deaths:   14       Attempts:   3+
1) Yolanda Washington / 19 / October 17,1977 / strangled
2) Judy Miller / 16 / October 31,1977 / strangled
3) Lissa Kastin / 21 / November 6,1977 / strangled
4) Kristina Weckler / 20 / November 1977 / gas asphyxiation
5) Jill Barcomb / 18 / November 9,1977 / strangled
6) Kathleen Robinson / 17 / November 18,1977 / strangled
7) Dolores Cepeda / 12 / November 20,1977 / strangled
8) Sonja Johnson / 14 / November 20,1977 / strangled
9) Jane King / 28 / November 1977 / strangled with stockings
10) Lauren Wagner / 18 / November 1977 / strangled
11) Kimberly Martin / 22 / December 9,1977 / ?
12) Cindy Lee Hudspeth / 20 / February 16,1978 / strangled
13) Karen Mandic / 22 / ? / strangled
14) Diane Wilder / 27 / ? / strangled


A) suffers from severe sado-maschism mixed with narcissium


(Buono's rule,which he told to Bianchi,about conning women)
" You can't let a cunt get the upper hand,put them in their place. "


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The Hillside Stranglers:Great Crimes And Trials
The Knotted Cord by Ron Crisp [not-yet-published]

Full Name: Angelo Buono,Jr.
Alias(s): the Hillside Strangler,Tony
Birthdate/Birthplace: October 5,1934 (Rochester,New York)
Died: September 21,2002 of a heart condition

Spotlighted : October 2004
After police in Washington sent a photo and information about Bianchi to the Los Angeles' Police Department(since murders suspected of being commited by Bianchi matched that of the modus operandi of the Hillside Stranglers in L.A.),the police placed the picture in the newspaper and soon recieved a call from a lawyer(David Wood),whom said that he had saved two women(Becky Spears & Sabra Hannan) who had been kept captive and forced into prostitution by Bianchi,and another man named Angelo Buono.After the police department retrieved a photo of Buono,they showed a lineup of photos to two witnesses whom had seen Wagner and Miller being abducted(Beulah Stofer & Markust Camden);both Camden and Stofer pointed out Buono.Bianchi was taking in for questioning and quickly started to confess to the murders,but saying that Buono had started them and helped him through them.Police in Los Angeles executed a search warrant on Buono's auto upholstery shop and found fabric that was found on the eyelid of Miller.Buono was placed under arrest on October 22,1979.
Before Buono's trial,Judge Ronald George had the counts of murders and non-murders seperated(the murders in Washington & Los Angeles),so that Buono would not be able to file an appeal on this.Buono was charged with 10 murders,due-to lack of evidence.The Prosecutor(Roger Kelly)felt that there was no way to win the case,and surprisingly,asked for all 10 charges to be dropped from Buono,but the Judge did not allow this and even stated the evidence that the Prosecutor had overlooked.Kelly resigned from the case and two new Prosecutors were brought in(Michael Nash & Roger Boren).The trial against Buono was set to start in November of 1981,but the Defense kept calling for motions and continuances that the actual trial didn't start until spring of 1982.During Buono's trial,over 250 witnesses testified (including Bianchi),against Buono.In October of 1984,Buono was found guilty of 9 of the 10 counts(he was not found guilty in the murder of Washington).He was sentenced to life in prison without parole.While in prison,Buono married a woman(Christine Kizuka),whom worked for the Los Angeles Office of the State's Employment Development Department,but on September 21,200-Buono was found dead in his cell-authorities stated that he had died from a heart condition which he had been suffering from.