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Kurten Facts

The reason Kurten is called the Dusseldorf Vampire is because he did actually consume the blood of his victims,even when it made him physically sick
Kurten ran away from home when he was 16 years old,and never returned
At the scene of Klein's murder,a handkerchief was found with the initials 'P.K.' on it-Klein's father was named Peter,so officers believed that Peter's brother,Otto,had taken the handkerchief from Peter since the two were engaged in a fight the night before Klein's death,and Otto's statement that he would do something to Peter that he"would remember all his life"-Otto went to court for the murder,but was aquitted due-to lack of evidence
Kurten's last meal was a wienerschinitzel,friend potatoes,and a bottle of white wine
Two days after Albermann disappeared,a newspaper called "Freedom" recieved a letter with a map that stated where Albermann's body could be found,and it was where it was stated in the letter
Kurten's trial only lasted eight days
Kurten had 12 siblings
When Kurten left Dusseldorf after prison,he went to Altenburg,where he stayed with one of his sisters,and told people he had been a prisoner of war in Russia instead of the real reason of being in prison(desertion)
When Kurten was released from prison in 1899,he lived with a prostitute whom was twice his age(this is where it is believed that Kurten's sexual needs towards animals turned to that of sexual needs towards human beings)
Kurten's second wife was a redeemed-prostitute,whom he married in 1925
During Kurten's trial,he was placed in a special shoulder-height cage to keep him from escaping

Kurten was a political activist and worked in trade union circles in 1921
When Kurten was sent to prison for desertion during World War I,he spent 20 years in prison
The day after Scheer's murder,Kurten went back to the crime scene and actually struck up a conversation with one of the lead detectives on the case
When Kurten was arrested for the final time,it was in front of the St.Rochus Church
Kurten's father was arrested and sentence to prison when Kurten was younger,due-to he forced incest on one of Kurten's sisters
It's rumored that when Kurten was 9 years old,he would decapitate animals' heads and drink the blood from they're necks
Many believe that Kurten first killed when he was 9 years old-two of his school friends "drowned"
Kurten had actually been married twice(the wife whom turned him in after his confession was his second wife)

A man named Stausberg was arrested not too long after the first three murders,and,unknown till this day,Stausberg confessed to the murders,and thus,was found insane and sent to an insane asylum
Kurten was executed at Klingepultz Prison in Cologne,Germany
Hamacher and Lenzen were foster sisters
Kurten's first job was as a moulder's apprentice
Kurten commited beastiality from a very young age
After Kurten spent his time in prison for desertion,he was ordered to leave Dusseldorf and never return,but he did-4 years later
Kurten spent most of his teen years in and out of prisons-mostly for petty theft
It's rumored that the movie "Cradle 2 The Grave"(2003) is actually based off of the film "M"(1931),which is based on Kurten

Random Fact

Kurten confessed to 79 murders,but only 9 have been proven to-date.