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the Scarborough Rapist


Deaths:   4       Attempts:   20+
1) Tammy Homolka / 15 / December 23,1990 / choked on own vomit due-to drugging
2) Leslie Mahaffy / 14 / June 14,1991 / strangled
3) Terri Anderson / 14 / November 30,1991 / drowned due-to intoxication
4) Kristen Dawn French / 15 / April 16,1992 / strangled


A) an emotional and turmoil-fueled childhood
B) a hatred for women due-to his mother's infidelity,mixed with his father's sick sexual perversions towards women
C) suffered from extreme mixtures of paraphilia,sado-maschism,voyeurism,hebephilia,toucheurism,coprophilia,alcholism,and narcissium


(an excerpt from a recorded conversation with Homolka,after she left him)
"I tried,Kar,I fucking tried.I'm only human and I tried
I tried to be bigger,I tried to set a better life and I didn't make it.I failed."
(when asked why he always tied up the victims in the 8mm videos)
"Just because that's what they do in a porn video.We were making a homemade porno."


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Full Name: Paul Kenneth Bernardo
Alias(s): the Scarborough Rapist ; Ken & Barbie Killers ; Schoolgirl Killer
Birthdate/Birthplace: August 27,1964 (Toronto,Canada)
Died: Still Alive - Kingston Prison

Spotlighted : December 2004
In February of 1993,the final parts of Bernardo's blood testing was done,he was a match as the rapist of at least three female victims.Detectives put up surveillance around Bernardo's and Homolka's home,they soon found out that there were charges of assault being brought onto Bernardo from his wife,Homolka.Homolka's uncle was an officer for Toronto's Police Department,she told him that Bernardo was a serial rapist,after she was brought in for questioning,and she also stated that Bernardo had killed French and Mahaffy.In mid-February,Bernardo was arrested.
-both divorced-
When it came time for trial,Bernardo's was delayed for two years(due-to his lawyer passing evidence to the prosecution and,he in return wanted a new lawyer).Bernardo ended up being convicted of all counts of kidnapping,rape,and the murder of French and Mahaffy.Due-to Canadian law,he will be up for parole in 2020.Bernardo tried for an appeal in 2000-arguing that it was Homolka whom murdered French and Mahaffy-it was declined.Bernardo tried another appeal,but it wasn'teven looked over before being declined.