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Berkowitz Facts

The Satanic cult that Berkowitz claimed to have been a part of has said that the infamous Charles Manson had homeage there as well
When Voskerichian was murdered,the police actually drove right by Berkowitz-whom was on his way back from that murder
When asked where he was headed the night of his arrest,Berkowitz claimed that he was on his way to a disco where he was going to shoot and kill everyone so he could "go out in the blaze of glory"
During the murder spree,Detectives working the case had actually planned on setting up decoy cars with mannequins in order to lure out Son Of Sam,but the plan never fell through
Berkowitz bought his infamous .44 in Houston,Texas
Berkowitz has a half-sister named Roslyn by his birth mother,and a stepsister from his adoptive father's second wife
Since Berkowitz has claimed to be 'reborn',he has appeared on religious television shows such as the 700 Club,and the Coral Ridge Hour to give testimonials of his rebirth

Berkowitz worked at IBI Security Company as a guard and as a postal worker at a Post Office in Queens,New York
When Berkowitz would go out looking for a victim,he carried a Satanic bible in his back pocket
When the infamous letter written to Breslin was given permission to be printed in the newspaper,it sold 1,116,000 copies in one day(a record that has yet to be broken)
When the investigation for a serial killer for these crimes started,officials actually believed the murderer was a police officer,due-to his ability to disappear so quickly after the murder
One of the Detectives on the Son Of Sam's case,was Berkowitz's neighbor at the time of the murders
When Berkowitz was a child,he saw a child psychologist for two years,once a week
As a teenager,Berkowitz was noted as a bully,striking out at other teens for no apparent reason
Berkowitz has his own entry in the Encyclopedia
Before the murders took place,family members stated that Berkowitz suffered from intense migraines
After the media caught on with the name Son Of Sam,Berkowitz-in the privacy of his home,made a logo for the name
Berkowitz has stated that during the murders,he would hang out at diners that officiers frequented,and would listen in on they're conversations about the Son Of Sam murders
When Berkowitz was 7 years old,he was given an IQ test-he scored 118(120 is genius)

Random Fact

When Berkowitz would go out looking for a victim,he carried a Satanic bible in his back pocket